Winemaking and technical services to the wine industry

Consultation on all aspects of wine technology

Selection of wines for barrel maturation, blending and wine shows
Flavour correction, fining recommendations etc.
Microbiological stability
MLF management

Problem solving

Identification of wine turbidities and problems
Arbitration, assessment of insurance claims, etc
Evaluation of wines for cork taint or related problems

Cellar planning

Assessment of cellar facilities, cellar planning
Independent assessment of equipment and suitability for purpose

Quality control

Basic quality control for wines
Assessment and recommendation for filtration of wines after MLF and before bottling
Oxidative stability (especially for wooded wines)


Comparative tasting of wines to set up price and style categories
Selection of vineyard blocks for quality wine production
Witblits, mampoer and brandy production
Specialized courses in winemaking, mampoer etc.
Guidance for new wine styles, in house experiments etc.

How to get hold of us

Feel free to contact Loftie Ellis on any wine related subject by Email at or contact us at

Tel: 021- 883 9017
Fax: 021-882 9487
Cell: 082 825 2489
Wine Quality Consultants
P.O. Box 6231
South Africa

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